To add a new customer Click on ::: then click on Create PPPoE accounts.
We have 3 Tabs: Service details, Contact details, Device details.

Service details

  • CUSTOM ACCOUNT NUMBER: This is the PPPoE username, Tabana ISP software as a service generates PPPoE credentials by default.If for some reason you do not want this to be generated then fill this field with whatever you want to be your PPPoE Username - remember this will be used as an account number when making payment.
  • SERVICE TYPE: You have 2 options here - home or business this is for your record it does not influence anything else.
  • SITE: Choose a High site you want to associate this customer with - this will be useful when sending site-wide SMS in case of service downtime.
  • SERVICE PLAN: This is a service plan package assigned to this customer - it will dictate how much the customer will be paying after a certain defined period of time.
  • TECHNOLOGY USED: This is how the customer gets connectivity from your high site - this is for your records, it does not influence anything else.
  • SETUP FEE: if you charge an installation fee or any other fees for that matter capture it here so that it is deducted when payment is made to this customer's account.

Contact details

  • FIRST NAME: Customer's first name.
  • LAST NAME: Customer's last name.
  • PHONE NUMBER: Customer's phone number.
  • COMPANY: If it is a company - include its name here.
  • E-MAIL ADDRESS: If you need to send Invoices to this customer include this otherwise leave blank.
  • ADDRESS: Customers residence.

Device details

Businesses that provide unpaid equipment to their customers need to fill this.

  • ONU / ROUTER / RADIO SERIAL NUMBER: Serial number for Inventory purposes.
  • MAC ADDRESS: Device MAC address for your Inventory.
  • EQUIPMENT MODEL: Manufacturer for Inventory purposes.
  • ADD A ROW: Add more equipment.